ORLY Halo swatch & nail art

27 september 2016 av nailsbyic
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I’ve found a new favorite glitter polish – ORLY Halo. It’s a gorgeous polish that works beautifully as an accent nail or even on all nails for a special occasion.

ORLY Halo nail polish

The polish has a mix of smaller and bigger silver glitter pieces and some small gold glitter pieces. The combo of silver and gold makes this polish stunning!

ORLY Halo swatch

Here I applied two coats on my naked nail to get full coverage. If you prefer to use the polish as a glitter top coat over another polish, you should only apply one coat. Remember to apply a peel off base underneath to make the polish removal much easier!

ORLY Halo nail art

I love using glitter polishes as an accent nail. It’s so simple, but yet so effectful. Here I paired it with 821 Green Planet from IsaDora.

Disclaimer: This review is based on my honest opinion. I received the polishes as a PR sample but I haven’t been asked to write about them. The blog post contains affiliate links.

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