IsaDora Cover Up Foundation and Concealer review

04 november 2016 av nailsbyic
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The products shown in this blog post were received as PR samples, but the opinions are mine and completely honest. The blog post contains affiliate links.

I’ve been trying out the new IsaDora Cover up foundation and concealer for about a month now and it’s time for a review! In the launch there are also a foundation brush called face buffer brush, a concealer brush, a new anti-redness ultra cover compact powder and a new color correcting concealer.

isadora cover up foundation and concealer ultra cover compact powder color correcting concealer face buffer brush concealer brush
IsaDora Cover up foundation & concealer, ultra cover compact powder, color correcting concealer, face buffer brush and concealer brush.

IsaDora states that the Cover up foundation and concealer is supposed to give a ”picture perfect” finish all day long and it’s supposed to cover naturally fine lines, uneven skin tones, rashes and pasty skin in seconds. The foundation is supposed to give full coverage with a comfortable feeling on the skin, be long-lasting, be hydrating, make the skin tight and give a silky finish. The product can be used both as a foundation and as a concealer, it comes in five shades and the packaging is a vacuum pump which means the product will stay fresh for a very long time and you will be able to get out every drop of it.

The active ingredients in the IsaDora Cover up foundation and concealer are:

  • Mimosa bark extract and Darutoside: Tightening properties, reduce fine lines, fade out dark circles, reduce swelling, detox-effect.
  • Arctic rose root- and yeast extract: reduce signs of tiredness and give new energy to pasty skin.
  • Squalane: hydrating, antioxidant, repairing.
  • Glycerin: hydrating.
isadora cover up foundation and concealer 60 62 64 vacuum pump
IsaDora Cover up foundation & concealer in no 60 Light cover, 62 Nude cover and 64 Classic cover

So what do I think?

The foundation is super easy and fast to apply. It feels very nice on the skin and it has great coverage. My skin is quite oily with a lot of redness to cover and this foundation really does its job. I think all IsaDora’s claims about this product are true and this foundation is a new favorite of mine! It stays on really well throughout the day, especially if I set it with the anti-redness powder which is part of this launch. The finish is a bit dewier than I like (probably since I have quite oily skin to begin with) but with the powder, the finish is perfect. For the best color match, I need to mix the two lightest foundation shades, no 60 Light Cover and no 62 Nude Cover. Due to this and since there are no dark shades available, I think the color range could have been better. However, I absolutely love the foundation, especially since it gives a full coverage finish without looking unnatural.

If you’re interested in buying the IsaDora Cover up foundation & concealer you can find it at the following web shops:

International shipping: Nelly.com
Scandinavian shipping: Lyko & Nordicfeel

isadora ultra cover compact powder anti redness 23 camoflage nude
IsaDora Ultra cover compact powder in 23 Camoflage Nude

The Ultra cover compact powder in the shade 23 Camoflage Nude is an anti-redness powder with SPF 20. IsaDora claims that this powder is a problem solving face powder with a superior covering result. It is supposed to effectively cover couperose, superficial veins, red nose, and flaring cheeks. It comes with a sponge and it suits normal to oily skin.

I really like this powder! I was afraid it would turn cakey after a while due to the high coverage, but it doesn’t. In fact, I think the coverage is perfect for areas that are a bit more red and the powder stays on really well. However, if you have dryer skin, this powder might be a bit too dry for you. I have tried applying it both with the sponge that comes with it and with a powder brush and I think they both work well. The sponge applies a bit more product to the skin than the brush, and when I’ve used the sponge the powder stays on for a bit longer. The finish is matte but I still think the result looks natural. In other words, it’s a great powder!

If you’d like to buy the IsaDora Ultra cover compact powder you can find it on the following web shops:

International shipping: Nelly.comScandinavian shipping: LykoElevenNordicfeel

isadora color correcting concealer 36 Nude Quartet
IsaDora Color correcting concealer in 36 nude quartet.

The color correcting concealer in the shade 36 Nude Quartet consists of four nude shades with both warm and cold tones. IsaDora recommends you to mix the shades to get the perfect shade for you or to use them separately depending on skin tone and season. IsaDora also says that you can apply it with your fingertips or with the concealer brush which is part of the launch.

I have mixed feelings for this concealer. Sometimes it works really well and I love the coverage it gives, but sometimes it dries out my skin and makes the area where I’ve applied it look even worse. I’ve tried using it both with my fingers and with the concealer brush, and for me fingers work best. I mix the two middle tones to get the right shade for me and even though I have quite fair skin tone, the lightest shade is way too light for me, even as a highlighter. I’ll definitely continue to use this concealer since I love the coverage and the color match you get by mixing the shades, but I’ll be careful applying it on dryer parts of the face.

The IsaDora Color correcting concealer can be bought at the following web shops:

International shipping: Feelunique.comNelly.comScandinavian shipping: LykoElevenNordicfeel

isadora foundation brush face buffer brush concealer brush
IsaDora Face buffer brush and Concealer brush

There are two brushes in the launch, one foundation brush called IsaDora face buffer brush and one concealer brush. Both brushes are made with Taklon which is a high quality synthetic fiber hair. I really like the face buffer brush to buff in the Cover up foundation & concealer. It makes the application really fast and the finish is smooth and even. I’ve only tried this brush for applying liquid foundation but according to IsaDora you can also use it for applying lose or pressed powder, compact foundation, bronzer and blusher. It’s a really versatile brush which I like a lot! The IsaDora concealer brush, however, is not a favorite of mine. It is quite stiff which I think makes the concealer application a bit difficult. I prefer a softer brush or my fingertips.

The IsaDora Face buffer brush and concealer brush can be found on the following web shops:

International shipping: Feelunique.com & Nelly.com Scandinavian shipping: Lyko & Nordicfeel

I hope you liked this review and that you got a better idea of what the products are like. I know that my blog is more about nails than makeup but since I like both, I really like writing some makeup reviews every now and again. Hope you don’t mind!

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