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04 juli 2017 av nailsbyic
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A while ago I received this super cute package with a new nail product called Le mini macaron. It’s a DIY gel nail kit with a LED lamp looking lika a macaron!

le mini macaron review gel nail polish usb led lamp pink
The Le mini macaron kit in the shade Rose Creme

What is Le mini macaron?

Le mini macaron is a gel nail system that you can use at home. It was created for us who want nice-looking nails but don’t have the opportunity to go to a nail salon everytime the nails have to be done. This DIY gel nail system can be used in a simple manner wherever you are. The gel polish does not have that strong smell like ordinary nail polish which makes it possible to use wherever you like, for example at the office or on the train. Also, the polish has a 3-in-1 formula which means that it combines base coat, color and top coat in one polish. The gel manicure is claimed to look as good as when done at a salon and the polish will last for up to 10 days. The kit contains a nail polish (10 ml), a LED lamp, a cuticle pusher, a small nail file and 10 remover pads.

le mini macaron review gel nail polish usb led lamp pink
Le mini macaron in the shade Rose Creme

How does Le mini macaron work?

  1. Start by washing your hands, push back your cuticles and lightly file the surface and tip of your nails.
  2. Apply a super thin layer of the nail polish on one nail. There should barely be any polish on the brush when applying it.
  3. Cure the polish in the LED-lamp for 30 seconds. The LED-lamp has a USB cable that you can plug in to your computer.
  4. Apply a second coat that is a little thicker than the first one. Let cure for 30 seconds. Done!

le mini macaron swatch review gel nail polish usb led lamp pink

What do I think about Le mini macaron?

I really like the idea of le mini macaron! Since I’m used to regular nail polish it feels amazing that the polish cures and is completely dry as soon as it comes out from the LED-lamp. I don’t need to worry about destroying my manicure by touching something and I’m free to do whatever as soon as I’m done. I really like that the LED-lamp is so small because it makes it possible to easily bring it with you. By using this little gadget you can get nice nails whenever and wherever you like! Also, I think it’s really cool that the lamp comes with a USB cable (+ an ordinary cable) that you can plug in to your computer.

When first reading about this product I thought it would feel a bit annoying to have to cure each nail individually. At a salon, the lamps are bigger and you can cure all nails on one hand at once. However, since the curing time is only 30 seconds and you can apply polish to the second nail while the first one is curing, I didn’t feel that I had to wait very much.

When applying the polish I had some problems with getting it to look even. Usually this is difficult for all light shades, even for regular nail polish, so I wasn’t that surprised. The instructions tell you to only apply two coats but due to the uneveness I had to apply three to make it look good. The finish is very shiny and I think this shade – Rose Creme – is gorgeous! I also like that the gel polish makes your nails really hard and you won’t have to worry that much about them breaking.

To really put the product to the test, I applied it in different ways on different nails. When I applied a thick first layer, the polish started to chip already after a couple of days and I could easily peel off all the polish from that nail. When applying a very thin first layer (as you’re supposed to do) the polish lasted much longer. I also tried to both file and not file the surface of the nail before applying the polish, but I didn’t notice any difference in how long the polish lasted. The gel polish lasted for about a week without any major chipping and it was quite easy to remove the polish by using the remover pads in the package.

If you’re interested in buying le mini macaron you can find it at their website


le mini macaron rose creme review gel nail polish usb led lamp pink
Le mini macaron in the shade Rose Creme

The products shown in this blog post were received as PR samples, but the opinions are mine and completely honest.

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