OPI press release fall/winter 2016 Washington DC, Infinite Shine & Top Coats

16 juni 2016 av nailsbyic
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A couple of days ago I was in Stockholm for a press release of some OPI news. The event was held at the super fancy Grand Hotel and it was so much fun to see all the news and to meet other bloggers and instagrammers. The event had a true American theme and three big news were presented.

OPI press release fall/winter 2016

The presentation of the news was held by Ulrica from GoodPR. The first news to be presented were two new top coats. The first one is OPI Plumping Top Coat which  gives your nails a plumped gel-like look with a long-lasting, high-shine finish. The second top coat is the OPI Brilliant Top Coat which gives your nails a long-lasting, super shiny finish. These top coats will be in Swedish stores in late July and they will cost 205 SEK each.

OPI plumping top coat brilliant top coat fast drying thick shiny gel long lasting review 2016
OPI Plumping and Brilliant top coat

The next news to be presented was the OPI fall/winter 2016 collection called Washington DC. The actress Kerry Washington is OPIs new creative ambassador and she has been involved in designing this collection. The colors are right up my alley and I can’t wait to try all of these! Even though the summer has barely started, this collection makes me long for fall. There are 15 polishes altogether, whereof three are limited edition – Inside the ISABELLEtway, Kerry Blossom and ”Liv” in the Gray. The OPI Washington DC collection will be in stores in late August and the polishes will cost 155 SEK each. There will be two different sets of mini polishes, one containing the three limited edition polishes and one containing We the Female, Pale to the Cheif, CIA = Color is Awesome and Never a Dulles Moment.

OPI Washington DC swatches collection 2016 nail polish nails fall/winter a/w swatch yank my doodle never a dulles moment opi by popular vote we the female suzi the first lady of nails cia = color is awesome squeaker o the house inside the isabelletway pale to the chief stay off the lawn shh... its op secret freedom of peach kerry blossom madam president liv in the gray
The OPI Washington DC collection. Top row from left to right: Squeaker of the House, Shh…Its Top Secret!,”Liv” in the Gray (limited edition), CIA = Color is Awesome, Stay Off the Lawn!!, Suzi – The First Lady of Nails. Bottom row from left to right: Kerry Blossom (limited edition), We the Female, OPI by Popular Vote, Madam President, Pale to the Chief, Never a Dulles Moment, Freedom of Peach, Yank My Doodle, Inside the ISABELLEtway (limited edition).

The last news was the OPI Infinite Shine collection which finally will be launched in Sweden. This collection is a gel-hybrid system, meaning that the polishes gives a gel-like finish but you don’t need a lamp to cure it and you can remove the polish with ordinary nail polish remover. The polish should be applied in a three step way – start with applying the Infinite Shine primer, then apply the color in thin coats and lastly the Infinite Shine Gloss. Let each coat dry before applying the next and wait a little bit longer (approximately 2 minutes) before applying the top coat. By following these steps you will get a high-shine manicure that lasts for 7-10 days. The Infinite Shine polishes will be in Swedish stores and at salons sometime during the summer and they will cost 179 SEK each.

OPI Infinite shine swatches 2016 collection nail polish nails gel summer fall winter autumn f/w a/w
Swatches of some Infinite shine polishes
OPI infinite shine collection 2016 Withstands the Test of Thyme You Can Count On It No Stopping Me Now Unequivocally Crimson Raisin' the Bar Brains & Bronze
From left to right: Withstands the Test of Thyme, You Can Count On It, No Stopping Me Now, Unequivocally Crimson, Raisin’ the Bar and Brains & Bronze.

After all three news were presented it was time for some mingle and nail art. The lovely girls at Newly Polished and Mllr Design painted nails using the OPI Washington DC collection. You should definitely check out there blogs and Instagrams if you haven’t already!

Newly Polished and Mllr Design

When it was time to leave the event I received an amazing goodiebag containing the whole Washington DC collection, the two new top coats and six polishes from the Infinite Shine collection (the ones shown above) plus the Infinite Shine primer and gloss. Thank you so much OPI Sweden for a lovely event and for the very generous goodiebag!

Goodiebag OPI fall winter/news 2016

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IsaDora blog event summer news 2016

29 april 2016 av nailsbyic

Last week I was in Stockholm and did nails at a blog event with IsaDora! It was so much fun and I met so many nice bloggers. The IsaDora team showed a lot of new summer news and we got a goodiebag filled with lots of exciting products. I’ll make sure to try everything and tell you about the things I like the best.

Some weeks before the event I got this super cool invitation with my name on it! I’ve never painted nails at an event before so this was really exciting for me.

isadora invitation blog event

The event was hosted at a restaurant called Mister French. Josefin and Amanda from the IsaDora team had decorated the place beautifully with a tropical theme. My workplace for the evening was amazing, just look at this view!

isadora blog event

isadora blog event mister french

The main product shown during this evening was an ”insane volume” mascara. Amanda  showed how to use it and I can’t wait until I get it so I can try it out myself.

isadora blog event

isadora blog event

When people started to arrive I got really busy and painted nails the whole evening. IsaDora is releasing a new nail polish collection next week which I love since it is perfect for nail art. I’ve made a super exciting collaboration with IsaDora regarding this collection which I will tell you more about soon! I’ll also post a review of this collection in the coming week. Here you can see me ”in action” doing Alexandra’s nails.

isadora blog event

At the end of the evening I got a goodiebag filled to the max with summer news. So far I’ve loved pretty much everything I’ve tried so stay tuned for some reviews. I’m so grateful that I got invited to this  event and I got super inspired by all the people I met. My hope is that I will update this blog more often from now on!

isadora goodiebag

Thank you for reading!

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